The artists behind Spudnik and Knofje

Yes! There is more than one artist behind Spudnik and knofje. In fact, Spudnik and Knofje are reflections of the godmothers of both of them!

They once started as a joke, a somewhat dark but wholesome way to cope with everyday life. But both the artists, and Spud and Knof grew closer and before we knew it, there was Spudknof! It didn’t take long from that point on to grow into what it is now. But lets get to it!

Jade Zivanovic a.k.a. Spudnik

Hi! My name is Jade Zivanovic. I’m from Australia and am a full-time artist and part-time potatohead. My love for potatoes started long ago, but Spud only came to be in early 2021 when I felt the need to check up on two friends that I introduced to each other.

Before long, Spud became more than just a drawing, and when Spud met Knof, well, the images speak for itself!


Tessa Geniets a.k.a. Knofje

Hello! My name is Tessa Geniets. I live in the Netherlands where I work in a lunchroom while also practicing art part-time. 

I knew Jade for quite some time already and we spoke a lot. When I first saw Spudnik I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder what I would be if I were a veggie. The answer didn’t take long, cause well, I’m known for my dishes that include garlic, for more than one reason, obviously! And say yourself, what goes better with potato than garlic? Or knoflook, as we call it in the Netherlands.

I’m sure you see the resemblance!